Event Updates and Contingencies

Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), we are reassessing many of our traditional year-end and Trimester III events and initiatives to adhere to our distance learning model and social distancing guidelines in place. Please note that the dynamic and unique nature of the current situation may require adjustments, changes, or even cancelations on short notice, however, we will always do everything in our power to prepare for known obstacles and keep our community informed and up-to-date on our approaches.
Each posting below may periodically get updated as new planning details and information become available with the goal of providing transparency throughout the planning process.
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Upon our return from spring break, we will continue with digital morning meetings that utilize pre-recorded videos rather than live communal teleconferencing methods. David Maher will host each of these meetings on Monday mornings and students, faculty, and staff are allowed to submit their own video announcements for inclusion.
Click here to access instructions for Monday morning meeting announcements (students, faculty, and staff)

Please note, this format requires significantly more preproduction work than typical meetings, meaning videos must be provided by Friday morning at 11:00 AM to be included in the following Monday's meeting.
Senior speeches will be included in David Maher's Friday Videos to students and they will continue to be posted in Friday Letters and on the website for the general community.
AP exams are switching to an online format this year and AP instructors will have additional details that pertain to their classes and students. Due to limitations with testing accommodations in this format, we are lifting the requirement that AP students take part in their corresponding exam and students do not have to take the exam if they choose.

Please note, AP exams are required if students wish to receive college credit and students who do not take the exam will not receive college credit regardless of their class grade, participation, or standing with their teacher. This is a requirement set forth by the College Board and is not within our realm of control.
Our yearly arts show is going online with Arts Week 2020! Starting Monday, May 18, new work will be launched on the Arts Week 2020 homepage each day at RollingHillsPrep.org/ArtsWeek.
Additionally, a drive-thru installation of 3D Design sculptures will be available for viewing on campus on Saturday, May 23 and Sunday, 24. All attendees must stay in their vehicles at all times.
Arts Week Schedule

Our STEM Expo is going virtual! Joining us this year will be a number of talented and engaging special guests from the STEM community. A live broadcast will begin promptly at 2:00 pm where you will be introduced to all of our incredible speakers. From there, you’ll have the chance to experience full-length interviews with each of these professionals. Please join us as they provide insight to careers, their own passions and histories, and a glimpse into the future of STEM and our world. Come join our Virtual STEM Expo at RollingHillsPrep.org/STEMExpo on Wednesday and see all that the Virtual STEM Expo has to offer. 

Featured guests include:
  • Dr. Julian Taurozzi (Chemical/Environmental Engineering)  
  • Walker Pawlik (Building your own PC)
  • Trevor Anderson (Energy and Sustainability)
  • Shannon Odell (Neuroscientist and Comedian)
  • Dr. Mike Cavallaro (Entomology)
  • Laua’e Gouveia (Science Teaching)
  • Tim Sherman (Mobile Games Product Design)
  • Spencer Rogers (Maker Extraordinaire)
  • Tom Lucht (Mobile Technology Strategy & Development)
  • Laura Barnes (Technology Management - Disney)
  • Donald Lopez (Systems Integrator - Aerospace)
  • Dr. Alefiya Hussain (Computer Science)
  • Dan Sherman (CEO - Mobile Games)
  • Daniel Weishoff (Cyber security, Mobile Games)
  • Dr. Jason Douglas (Public Health)
  • Naomi Scott (Marine Science)


STEM Expo Graphic


The Athletic Banquet will be utilizing a media presentation to acknowledge teams, student-athletes, and spring athletes who were unable to compete due to school closures. Some athletic awards may be presented during other ceremonies, such as closing ceremonies or commencement, depending on a variety of factors.

This approach may combine the upper and middle school athletics banquets, but no final decision has been made.
Our admission team is providing a virtual information session for families interested in the rolling admission process for the 2020-2021 school year. This event will live and interactive using our standard teleconferencing tools and we encourage our community to refer any families that might be interested in Rolling Hills Prep or Renaissance Schools.
If you would like to refer a family to this event, please share the RSVP link below:
We are aiming to provide a live virtual coffee house using an open-mic style structure. Depending on technical requirements, this may shift into a larger pre-recorded video of student submissions, but the current goal is to establish a live model for performance that highlights our talented performing arts students.
Preliminary planning is currently underway with the grade-level parents for 8th grade. 
Each student will compile internship research into a presentation that they will give to their fellow seniors in small groups. A variety of options and alternatives have been provided to seniors in order to meet their internship requirement.
The format for closing ceremonies will be recreated digitally with a media presentation. There will be a lot of parallels with the traditional structure and elements like department awards will still be awarded using this platform. Additionally, the middle school closing ceremony component will include a student-by-student acknowledgment of culminating 8th-grade students along with the traditional 8th-grade slideshow.
More details will be released as we continue planning, including details regarding the distribution of academic or other awards.

The decision was made to postpone commencement until a later date, but still mark the

milestone on the afternoon of June 12th. This virtual event will be scheduled for 6:00pm to mark the milestone of commencement, and to provide a time for seniors, families, advisors, and our Head of Schools to acknowledge the hard work and journey that they have shared over their high school career. This will also be a time to watch the Class of 2020 – Senior Video, prepared by John Tan and Traci Dalke.


In addition to the Milestone Moment, the committee also decided on having each student take part in a Cap and Gown Photo Session. Distinct interest was expressed by students and parents alike in taking this traditional photo. To accommodate this request, photo sessions will be scheduled on June 12th, throughout the day. Photos will be taken individually, on campus, outdoors, in full cap and gown regalia, recognizing social distancing and other guidelines. Caps and Gowns will be provided for each senior, in advance, in their Senior Grad Package. Detailed information will follow on the distribution of these packages, as well as the exact schedule for graduate photos.

The survey made it clear that everyone wanted an in-person ceremony and combined senior dinner at a future date. After much discussion, and in consideration of many factors related to fall 2020 schedules, such as varying academic terms, availability to return over break periods, and a concern for wavering interest in a future gathering, the committee concluded that a calendared future date of Saturday, August 1 would meet the needs of the majority of the community in the best way possible. This allows for the possibility of an evening gathering (6:00 PM) where less restrictive measures would be in place, while still providing a date that accommodates the greatest potential for student attendance. This date would be contingent, of course, on the social distancing and health related parameters that would need to be followed, based on recommended guidelines. This may mean we come together in a distanced format while watching Commencement, or it may mean that guidelines mandate a

more restricted approach to gathering.