Announcements and Events

Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools are proud to present numerous community events throughout the year. This page serves as both a planning tool and as a consistent location for information regarding upcoming events. All information presented on this page has the most up-to-date content and information, so please check this page as a resource if you are unclear about any specific details regarding an event or initiative. 
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Summer Information 2019-2020

Click the links below to access information pages for the 2019-2020 school year. These pages included important documents, supply lists, and other informational tools for both new and returning families.

Important Dates 2019-2020

A list of important dates, including holidays and breaks is available by clicking below. Please note that items on this list may change, however, any changes that occur will take place prior to the beginning of the 2019-2020 school year. (Please note that these dates have been updated as of July 2019)

2019-2020 Global Studies and Service Learning Excursions

Note: a previous flyer was sent with incorrect dates for the Ecuador Internship, they should read "May 25 - June 4."


We have several opportunities for students to travel in spring/summer of next year. See the flyer below for brief explanations on the various trips. If interested, please note that these travel options require a passport and students may want to start that process as early as possible. Additionally, passports and residency cards must be valid for six months after the returning date of travel, so please plan accordingly.


More information regarding initial planning and informational meetings will be provided in the coming months, however, trip leads can provide more information or early registration opportunities (if available). Please see the flyer below regarding contact information for trip leads.



2019-2020 Summer Assignments

Assignments are dependent upon the classes that students will be taking next year (i.e. students taking Algebra I will complete the Algebra Summer Prep Packet).


Easily Purchase Next Year's School Supplies Today - Deadline June 30th!

For the past few weeks, faculty & staff have worked diligently to put together the back to school supplies that your students will need when they return to campus on August 22, 2019. In an effort to make life a bit simpler, the Parents Association has teamed up with 1st Day School Supply to making shopping easy and pain-free.
How it works:
Click on the below link to take you to the website and find your student’s class. Classes are identified by Grade / RHP / REN / CLASS. Click on the kit and complete your purchase. All of your supplies will be shipped in a specially marked box for your student to campus and you will be able to pick up your student’s school supplies at the Husky Pride Picnic on Saturday, August 24th. There is no charge for shipping and a portion of the revenue earned goes back to the school in this fundraising endeavor.

Please note that you must purchase your school supplies by June 30, 2019. After this date, you will no longer be able to purchase your school supplies thru the 1st Day School Supply website and will need to shop for school supplies the old fashioned way.
All efforts were made to include as many supplies needed for the 2019-2020 school year, but you may find that your student needs a few more items for their electives or that a teacher may add something over the summer that will be needed for his/her class. We hope that you find back to school shopping a bit easier and more convenient.