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Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools are proud to present numerous community events throughout the year. This page serves as both a planning tool and as a consistent location for information regarding upcoming events. All information presented on this page has the most up-to-date content and information, so please check this page as a resource if you are unclear about any specific details regarding an event or initiative. 
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There may be opportunities for bus or other transportation offerings for RHP, Ren, and REACH students when we return to having all of our students able to come to campus. We are currently discussing details with our transportation providers and we need information about routes and demand, so we need all families seeking transportation options to fill out this form.
Please note that these discussions are still in relatively early phases and we cannot guarantee that all routes will be served if demand is limited or other challenges persist. Additionally, if families opt for bus or transportation provided by the schools, they will have to sign up for the remainder of the school year and there will be no week-to-week or limited-use options available.
We appreciate your cooperation and understanding as we continue to seek out effective solutions for an eventual return to campus.

Please visit our new Summer Opportunities web page for more information about summer school courses (Biology, Geometry, and Gov/Econ) and other options, such as RenCamp or Peninsula Bay Cities Day Camp.

Click here to visit the Summer Opportunities web page

The athletic department is currently looking for potential athletes interested in joining several teams. If you're interested or have any questions, please contact Coach Hollandsworth at
New and returning boys and girls soccer players will begin practice on March 3 and 5 from 3:30 PM - 5:30 PM. Players interested should bring cleats, shin guards, and athletic attire.
A potential football season looks promising with an opponent lined up for Saturday, March 13. It is not too late to join! Football practice is currently scheduled Monday - Friday from 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM. If you have any questions regarding the football program, you can contact the head football coach Dan Spahr ( or assistant football coach Lance Hollandsworth.
The cheer team has been meeting and practicing for months in preparation for the coming athletic events. Congrats to Bobbi Spahr and the cheerleaders and we hope to see them at competitions in the coming weeks.
Baseball and Softball
These two spring sports are approved to begin practices in March. Interested students should email the athletic office with their name, grade, and sport of interest so they can be provided with news and updates on the season’s status.
Surfing and Golf
We are gathering names of interested students for the golf and surf teams. There will be more information to come on a prospective season. Again, interested students should email the athletic office with their name, grade, and sport of interest so they can be provided with news and updates.
US sailing is tentatively scheduled to begin in mid to late March. Regattas will be scheduled for April and May. Practices will take place at King Harbor Yacht Club (KHYC) in Redondo Beach. Those interested can reach out to Debbie Murad at or (310) 953-5169 and she will keep them updated with the next steps.
Protocols and policies as mandated by the Los Angeles Department of Health and will need to be adhered to at all times and students must wear face coverings and maintain social distancing measures. Prior to any athletic practice or competition, students must complete an athletic physical and submit an emergency form. These forms can be copied and sent to coach Hollandsworth in the athletic department.
Renaissance School is pleased to be co-hosting the R&R Speaker Series alongside REACH Elementary and Middle Schools, the newest member of our consortium of schools.
Our upcoming speakers, Dr. Karen Shiltz and Dr. Amy Schonfeld, will present the topic "Neuropsychological Assessment: A Blueprint Into The Brain" virtually on March 10 at 4 PM (PST).
In this session, Dr. Shiltz and Dr. Schonfeld will discuss the various ins and outs of neuropsychological assessmentment and how it can be used to understand and support developing minds. This will also lead to further discussions regarding long-term value as well as discussions of the impact of COVID on young minds.

Dr. Karen Schiltz is the Founder of Golden State Neuropsychology in Calabasas. She specializes in clinical and forensic neuropsychological assessment of of pediatric and young adults. Dr. Schiltz is also Clinical Professor (Voluntary) at the Dept. of Psychiatry and Biobehavioral Sciences at the UCLA David Geffen School of Medicine. Her book Beyond the Label, was published by Oxford University Press along with co-authors, Amy Schonfeld, Ph.D. and Tara Niendam, Ph.D.

Dr. Amy Schonfeld is a clinical neuropsychologist at Golden State Neuropsychology. She is also a volunteer clinical instructor at the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior, David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Dr. Schonfeld’s early research interests centered on fetal alcohol spectrum disorders. She currently sees a range of medical, neurodevelopmental, and psychiatric conditions in pediatrics through young adults. Dr. Schonfeld co-authored Beyond the Label with Dr. Karen Schiltz.
Please note, this event is open to all members of the community in addition to outside participants.
This event will be hosted on a live Zoom call and meeting details will be sent by e-mail. Please RSVP by Tuesday, March 9 at
Dr. Schiltz and Dr. Schonfeld Flyer
Despite being completely digital, International Week 2021 was a resounding success that managed to translate many of the beloved traditions into virtual formats that everyone can enjoy from home.
Global Kitchen: No Passport Required (Final Version Added 3/5)
Our 5th/6th, 7th, and 8th Grade GLPs, Kim Reddy, Sharolyn Davis, and Tammy Patterson translated the traditional International Week Luncheon into a community cookbook that celebrates the diverse backgrounds and origins of our community through cuisine. Below, you can find their introduction to the book in addition to a PDF link to the recipe book. Thank you so much to Kim, Sharolyn, and Tammy for putting this together!
Happy International Week 2021!

Our Global Kitchen: No Passport Required Cookbook, has come to be during a very unique time in our lives. As a world community, we are experiencing a pandemic, and along with it, the need to adapt to many new ways of doing things. This has affected all of us in many challenging ways.
Our Husky community has experienced many changes as well, but as a resilient group, we have found opportunity in some of these challenges, and this cookbook is one such case. In honor of our long-standing tradition of sharing heritage dishes for a mouth-watering feast, during International Week, we have started this cookbook, and are instead sharing recipes this year. Some of these family recipes have been passed along for over 100 years.
We hope this cookbook will inspire your family to make a few of these dishes, enjoy the meal together, and discuss the many far-reaching places they represent. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this cookbook, and we hope to keep this new tradition moving forward! Happy International Week!
Your 5th/6th, 7th & 8th grade GLP’s,
Kim Reddy
Sharolyn Davis
Tammy Patterson
International Week Videos
We were fortunate to have several community members and friends of the school send in videos chronicling life and traditions from across the globe. You may view some of those videos below.
A Brief History of Afro-Ecuadorians by Nia Quiñonez-Kurnick '21

A Glimpse of Mexico City by Dr. Julian Taurozzi

Exploring Colombia with Mercedes Garcia

Chinese New Year by Katherine Gong

Due to the personal nature of the Rwandan Wedding Dance video submitted by the Manzi family, we opted against publishing it on our Youtube account to protect the privacy of anyone pictured in the video. With that being said, it was a beautiful video and we appreciate the Manzi family for sharing it and the following explanation:

The video shows Rwandan girls dancing at a wedding in Sydney on February 6th 2021. The Rwandan women dance is more gentle and graceful. The dance movements highlights the kindness, goodness, purity and the radiant beauty of Rwandan women. The movements with raised hands emulates the movement of cows.Rwandan culture has a strong connection with cows. They (cows) are the most prized belonging to a family and they have been the symbol of wealth, social status, source of milk, meat and hides, and best gifts that one Rwandan could give to a fellow countryman.

We are happy to announce that we will soon offer social-emotional and academic opportunities for students to connect on campus after school. These programs are built around specific survey feedback from both parents and students that desired more opportunities for students to interact with their peers. After-school activities will engage students in groups of 14 or less, be hosted outdoors, and follow all Covid 19 safety protocols. 
Please fill out the form linked below to indicate requested courses for after-school activities starting on February 8. These courses take place from 3:30-5:00 PM on various days throughout the week. Course signs ups and prioritization will be offered on a first-come-first-serve basis. 
Please understand that the information that you submit is only a request and that you will only be approved to take a course once eligibility is confirmed by teachers and administration, and the requests are approved by your parents.  
Important Rules To Consider:
  • Students are allowed to join only one cohort for safety reasons
  • If a student is already involved in an academic or athletic cohort they may not participate in any of these after-school cohort activities
  • Students will need to regularly provide proof of negative Covid tests
  • Students may switch cohorts only if they commit to a 14-day quarantine period
  • Students must provide a negative Covid test before entering into a new cohort

We have passed the early deadline for yearbook purchases so there are only a limited number of books available!  Go to this link to purchase a yearbook if you have not yet! 

Current parent, Dr. Crystal Quarry, shared an excellent resource that speaks to building a self-care plan during times of difficulty. Whether raising children or dealing with many of the challenges we are all facing in our lives today, this is a practical approach to supporting our own well-being.

Click here to access the Self-Care Toolkit PDF

The Student Family Directory is live in your Blackbaud account. You can view the directory by logging into your Blackbaud account. Tabs are located across the top of the page (Resources, News, Calendar and Directories). If you click on the Directory tab, a drop-down menu will appear and you can access the Student Family Directory. If you have any questions or problems, please contact

As an initiative to support various members of our community, we launched the "In This Together" registry of community-owned businesses and services along with any special programs/initiatives/actions that they may be implementing to address the unique circumstances we are currently faced with. The page is currently live under the "Community" tab of our website or by accessing the link below.

Click here to access the "In This Together" Business Registry

This opportunity is available to individuals, contractors, service providers, and non-owners of businesses to highlight their work as well. To be included, please fill out the following form. If you submit information and wish to issue a correction or update the information provided, please e-mail Mr. Cameron Rogers at Please try to provide information that will be usable for longer periods of time because updates and corrections may be delayed after initial publishing.
We are proud to announce that we are now participants in the Box Tops for Education program. Box Tops for Education is a long-running program that allows families to support their schools through the purchase of many common products and groceries. The program is easier than ever to participate in and can be done quickly and easily by photographing your receipt using a new app-based system on your phone.

More information about participation can be found by clicking the links below and we deeply appreciate your participation and support of our schools!