RHP Upper School

The Upper School (Grades 9-12) curriculum at RHP is specifically designed to provide students the foundation they need as they begin to pursue their interests and passions. The faculty is adept at understanding each student’s strengths and presenting unique challenges to help everyone reach new heights.

Our faculty delivers our academically rigorous curriculum by combining tried and true educational techniques with new pedagogy that emphasizes five skills that students need as they prepare for success in college and beyond: critical thinking, communication, creativity, collaboration, and character.

Graduation Requirements

For graduation, Rolling Hills Prep requires completion of the following credits (10 credits = 1 school year) for a total of 225 credits:
  • English - 40 credits
  • Mathematics - 30 credits
  • History - 25 credits
  • Economics - 5 credits
  • Science - 30 credits
  • World Languages - 30 credits
  • Arts - 20 credits
  • P.E. - 20 credits
  • Electives - 20 credits

Note: This is a minimum. Competitive colleges and universities expect more.