RHP Middle School

At Rolling Hills Prep School, we provide a rigorous academic curriculum in a stimulating and exciting learning environment where all teachers integrate multiple learning approaches and emphasize hands-on educational experiences.

In meeting our mission, we develop students’ disciplined minds in all academic areas including English, science, history, world language, math, PE, and the arts. Rolling Hills Prep School develops students’ creative spirits through robust arts and science opportunities which include music, drama, design, computer coding, and Lego robotics instruction and competitions, as well as an art gallery, museum, and theatrical production experiences.

All students, regardless of previous experience or ability, are encouraged to develop their healthy bodies through participating in the school’s multifaceted PE and athletic program which offers basketball, volleyball, and soccer for both girls and boys, as well as diverse activities such as cardio smash, swimming, skateboarding, flag football, hip-hop, walking, biking, circus sports and nutrition classes.

Rolling Hills Prep prides itself on developing in its students sound character through the outdoor education program, service learning opportunities, and advisory system. We challenge students to explore their particular strengths as they become aware of their individual, social, and intellectual gifts. To foster each student's growth we use a strong advisory program in which teachers work directly with small groups of students and their parents to mentor students during this transitional and exciting phase of becoming a young adult.

The sixth-grade curriculum initiates students into the expectations of the Middle School. The faculty works with the students carefully as they make the transition from a self-contained elementary school program to a departmentalized middle school. Students develop an increased sense of responsibility and are encouraged to take the initiative for their learning.

The seventh-grade curriculum builds upon the foundations laid in the sixth grade to develop highly motivated, high achieving learners who excel in the classroom and gain confidence in their social interactions with peers.

The eighth-grade curriculum prepares students for the rigors and independence necessary for success in the Upper School by cementing organization skills as well as group cooperation and collaboration strategies.