Rolling Hills Prep and Renaissance Schools boast over a 30-year history filled with positive experiences from students and their families alike. Please click the bolded items below to access the associated text or video.
Student Testimonials

"Even at 10 years old, I realized I had an opportunity to start fresh at RHP/Ren. During my fifth-grade year, I could see seniors graduating and heading off to universities. Many of these graduating seniors had started at my age. This inspired me, so I consciously decided to commit, and take full advantage of what RHP/Ren and the school’s community had to offer.


The first goal I set was to achieve consistently excellent grades. I leveraged all the support resources and study programs to build disciplined study habits. I committed myself to the required work and made personal sacrifices to achieve my goals. Once I became settled and found my academic rhythm, I began to layer on extracurricular activities, friendships, and sports. I was able to balance achieving an excellent GPA, help lead and participate in student government, school business and social activities, external service work, and various athletic teams. While expanding into these areas, I began to re-build my self-confidence, independence, and self-sufficiency. I continue to be challenged every day academically and otherwise. Now I look forward to these challenges. I have taught myself how to work within my skills and find successes in most anything to which I commit myself. Most importantly, I have discovered who I am and what is meaningful to me. I have been the beneficiary of dedication, help, and support from my family and my school community. These values and aspects of my life are critically important to me, and I will protect and carry them forward."


- Senior Speech by Alli L. '20 

"Transferring to RHP, I was exposed to a community that I’ve never seen before. When I first toured the campus, I didn’t know how I would settle into such a small place. The first day of school came and the faculty at RHP were not only nice, they cared about the well-being of their students. They wanted us to succeed. They wanted to not only teach but to educate us.

At first, it was hard transferring because I was a reserved person, but gradually I opened up to more people and found a balance in my life that I was actually proud of. I learned to be myself without having to worry about others judging me. My insecurities still lurked at the edges of my head, but they didn’t affect my everyday life like they used to before. I grew comfortable with what I was doing, not feeling incentives or obligations to impress others. The fact that RHP centered itself around the student really helped my self-confidence in speaking out in a classroom setting. At my previous school, I was always nervous to say an answer in fear of getting the question wrong and people laughing at me."


Senior Speech by Brendon G. '19

"Coming to RHP has allowed me to harness the confidence given to me by my parents and express myself in many new ways. This was through writing creative journals, designing a yearbook, and even spending a week of my summer working as a Communications intern in the office. Not only that but RHP has given me a family. I know that everyone tends to say that but really, RHP has provided me with a safe environment where I'm not afraid to be myself and make friends that I will keep forever."

-Senior Speech by Jade G. '19

"I would never have been able to do the activities and have the opportunities I do at prep in public school. These include developing study skills I will use in the future, becoming a world traveler, and most recently, becoming a college-bound athlete. This school is so much more than just athletics. The teachers here have shown that they actually care and are there for us. I would be an entirely different person if I hadn’t spent these years sailing, playing football, and learning at RHP."
-Senior Speech by Drea K. '19
Parent Testimonials

We moved to Manhattan beach 13 years ago in part because of its renowned public-school system.  A system that surprisingly and painfully failed us.  When I think back to a year ago, I had a son I hardly recognized.  His grades had dropped from A's to C's, he had lost his self-confidence and was withdrawing from the world completely.  I was scared.  As a mom, I would do anything to help my children find happiness and comfort in their lives.  


We had heard about Renaissance from neighbors who had sent their children there. They all said the same thing - that it was a life-changing experience, which was exactly what we needed.  


We set up an interview and it sounded perfect, but the class was full for the year.  It had a perfect balance between boys and girls, and they weren’t inclined to disrupt this.  But they allowed Luke to shadow for a day and when I picked him up and he was glowing.  He told me he knew this was where he wanted to be.  My heart was in the tightest knot I can ever remember and later that afternoon (December 12) when the school called to tell me that they had made room for Luke, I stopped and just cried.  A lot.  In front of a lot of people.  I was so grateful.  And that isn't even the best part of the story.


I am not exaggerating when I share with people that within 2 days, I had my son back.  He got up joyously (I'm not kidding) with his own alarm at 6 am so that he could make it to the bus in time.  He called me on his bus ride home and told me how much he loved it.  He smiled.  The life had returned to his eyes.  The stories go on from there.  He did not have one day when he did not return home excited and grateful to be at a school where he said the teachers actually cared.  


I've told the staff at Renaissance many times that they changed our lives.  I'm not sure anyone can fully understand what that feels like if you aren't a parent of a child who is drowning and desperately in need of rescue.  Ren was our life preserver.  And in getting to know the other parents in the community, our story is not unique.  This school has brought the light back into the lives of dozens of families whom I've met.  


So if you are lucky enough to stumble upon this gem that has been built high on a hill in Rancho Palos Verdes, consider it a gift.  You will not find more caring, invested, well-trained, understanding and loving educators to guide your child to their fullest potential anywhere.

My student loves the school so much and I am so grateful to have found a school where he belongs and is thriving. The staff and teachers are great, and I can’t thank everybody enough.

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