Our Ten Year Vision

The Next Ten Years
- Our Vision -

Transforming Rolling Hills Prep & Renaissance Schools
into a learning and academic powerhouse
that is considered among the very best
Independent Schools in California.
  • Two schools dedicated to unparalleled quality of Classroom Education, the enduring value of the Arts and Humanities, escalation of STEM, Entrepreneurial and Innovative thinking and continued focus on the healthy Student-Athlete.
  • A commitment to pro-actively building out our campus to reflect this vision and provide transformative facilities for classroom education, artistic expression, innovative learning and athletic competition.
  • An emphasis on professional, disciplined fundraising and financial partnerships that attract public and private capital to support the expansion.
  • A relentless focus on the dynamic day-to-day management of our schools' operation.

Our Academic & Cultural Difference

  • Dedication to Small Class Size and the resulting academic and social benefits to students.
  • Commitment to strong Student-Teacher Relationships that fundamentally shape the student experience.
  • Emphasis on a student environment that places support and challenge atop the hierarchy of needs for all students, along with a commitment to a culture where diversity, inclusion, social responsibility, citizenship, and respect are core to our community.
  • A growing academic rigor to build upon our rich history in Arts, Humanities and life preparatory skills.
  • An increased awareness that academic rigor combined with social and life preparatory skills will provide our students with the very best opportunity to succeed and lead fulfilled lives in college and beyond.

Our Support & Advancement Programs

  • Dedication to the College Counseling Process for RHP, Ren and local students.
  • Commitment to STEM, Coding and Entrepreneurship classes, clubs and activities.
  • Capitalize on the expertise of Trustees, Administration and Faculty to constantly innovate and offer additional after-school, summer and pilot programs.