Current Students

Physical Education Exemption Forms

Physical Education exemption is made available to students who participate in out-of-school athletic pursuits and/or training when that commitment exceeds 6 hours per week. Please complete the form below and return to Mrs. Alejandre in room 41 C. You must attach a business card and/or proof of enrollment in activity. If your request for P.E. exemption is approved you will be notified by receiving an approval letter via mail, along with a log sheet. Until that time you will be expected to attend the regular P.E. class.

Service Learning Opportunities

Activities listed on the document listed below are pre-approved for service learning experience. Additional school-sponsored opportunities will be announced throughout the year. To log your hours, please follow these steps:

  1.  Make sure to check the web page provided for your event to see if there have been any last-minute date/time changes and if it is necessary to RSVP and/or bring a signed waiver.
  2. Bring the service learning log (click here to view the log) so that the event supervisor can sign it. This is required for all activities.
  3. Submit your service learning log to Yesela Tadeo when finished.

If you are interested in volunteering at other events, please email Rachel Rubin at with the name of the organization, event, day and time and the corresponding web page if possible.

Summer Assignments 2019-2020

Assignments are dependent upon the classes that students will be taking next year (i.e. students taking Algebra I will complete the Algebra Summer Prep Packet).