Paige Adler


Hi, My name is Paige Adler and this is my story of being raised by a single parent. When I was six years old, I started going back and forth to my mom’s house and then to my dad's house. At that time of my life, it was very difficult, because I would experience things a six-year-old shouldn’t experience. My mother was an alcoholic, and she would drink in front of me or even hide the alcohol in my bedroom. Living with her was not always the best, but as soon as my brothers came into this world, life became a little better. As the years went by, my dad took full custody of me, and though it was difficult for him to raise a little girl all by himself, he did it. Even my grandpa helped him by putting me into private schools. Then as eighth grade came by, my dad thought it was a better idea to put me in a more independent and helpful school. He then got some advice from Mrs. Birnbaum, who actually used to work at my old school and has known me since I was eight years old.

My dad put me into the Renaissance school of arts and sciences. As soon as I started the new year, it was difficult for me. I did not have many friends and it was hard to talk to my dad about some girl things, but I did try. Even though we had our little arguments, at the end of it all he was my best friend. We had a bond that could never break no matter what. My father is my world. As that summer came by, I found out that my mother was getting very ill and she was dying. All I could think about was whether I wanted to see her in the hospital and remember her like that, or remember the beautiful woman I knew. The night before her passing, I got to call her and hear her for the very last time. I told her that she would get better and that I loved her. While I was at a friends house, my dad was at the hospital with her, holding her hand tight. When she did pass away I became so numb and I did not get to grieve the right way, but no matter what I was going through, my dad was there through it all. No matter what the circumstances were to him, I always came first. No matter what challenges I faced, my dad was always there by my side to make me stronger and I don’t know what I would do without him by my side. My advice for all of you is that no matter what you go through or what you're going through, you can make it through with the help of the people that love you.

Thank you.