Josh Kerster


When people told me to not sweat the small stuff, I was annoyed and ignored them because in my head it was all a big deal. In reality, when you look back on your life, you only remember the most impactful experiences. So when you are upset or hard on yourself about whatever obstacles you come across, even though it feels really bad in the moment, these types of setbacks don’t matter.  In the long run, you'll most likely forget about them even the next day or week.

I used to always stress about short-term issues and get overwhelmed by multiple demands I had on my plate. My family friend has recently been in the hospital for a new heart and kidney which has given me a greater perspective on life. I have learned to take a step back, look at each task by itself and not get overwhelmed. This has really helped me get through tough times because we all know life can be difficult and we all go through ups and downs. Our job is to make sure we pick ourselves up from our low points and move on while learning from the experiences. Coming full circle, small problems that stress us out most likely don’t matter in the end, so even if things aren’t in your favor right now or you are just having a rough day, remember to take a step back and feel grateful for where you’re at in life and for the people around you.

Now that we are finally seniors it feels crazy to think about how far I have come in just the three years I have been at RHP. When I first came here, I honestly was just a lost kid who dreaded school. Coming to RHP was the most life-changing decision I’ve ever made and I’m so grateful that my parents supported me. I have truly become my own person in the last two and a half years. Being here I was able to get into my college of choice. Through my growth here, I have realized that I want to pursue business for my career and look forward to many opportunities in a higher level of education. Moving forward I will apply all my experience and knowledge I learned by not sweating the small stuff to further succeed in college. So with that, I lastly wanted to thank RHP for all you have done for me as well as the whole senior class. Thank you.