Annita Lin


I have always thought that I am a very lucky person. When I was a kid, my mom liked to tell me that as soon as I was born, my dad’s career started to become very successful.  

I am lucky to have been born into a good family. I am so well-protected by my parents that I have never met any real difficulty in my life. I am lucky that I was born in a big city in China, making it easier to reach many resources that people born in the countryside cannot. I think that my luck may be inherited from my mom. My mom is not a real gambler, but when she does go to the casino, she never loses money.  Not only is she lucky, but whoever she stands next to her also wins!

I am also very lucky to have been born in a peaceful country that is not currently at war. I sometimes wonder if I were born and living in a war-torn country, what would happen to me. I believe I would not make it through even one week there because with my current life experience, I have no ability to protect myself from dangerous situations.

However, even though I am lucky, there was a dangerous moment that I experienced last Christmas break. It happened when I was on my way to America from Guangzhou airport in China. That day, I just ran out of the gate, trying to get on my connecting flight. There were many people around me but I was the only one who was walking alone. Suddenly, a stranger Chinese stopped me and asked if I knew how to speak English. He said his friend was trying to find the security checkpoint and asked me if I could take him there. I agreed because I like to help people. But what happened next was weird. That guy grabbed a suitcase and put it into my hands. He kept speaking broken English, pushing me, and urging me to take his friend to the security checkpoint. I was very confused, and my alarm system was not working so I did not realize how weird this situation was. There were other people to help- why was he asking me? Also, there were English signs everywhere. He could have asked many other people for help.

By the way, I ended up guiding that friend to the security checkpoint, but the agent realized the package was not mine and told me, “You’d better quickly leave this place alone and get to my gate, otherwise you might get into big trouble.” He held the man behind and sent me ahead. When I had passed through, I realized what I had just experienced was dangerous because I did not know who that person was and what was in the suitcase I was carrying, and if there had been any illegal substances, it would have been my responsibility and I may have been put right in jail.

This event also reminded me how lucky I am to have had a good life so far and to never be ungrateful for the things I have. I share this story because I want more people to be aware of some frightening situations that might happen to them. It’s also important to help others when you are able to.  So this is just a reminder to be aware of your surroundings and trust your gut.