Carson Yu

I still remember the summer of six years ago, when I first came to this room. There weren’t that many chairs, the stage was on that side of the room where the senior are sitting now, and I could only go to the morning meeting on Monday and Thursday.

Rhp has given me too many memories, and I want to recall them today.

I remember when I first came to school as a 7th grader, I was scared, and I barely spoke a word of English. Ms. Bonnici and Ms. Houseman were the first teachers who help went through that time. Thank you Ms. Bonnici for teaching me English and always giving me advice. I’ve been out of ELL program for years, but I still want to just sit in your class and listen to how you teach.

Another person that help me a lot that year was coach Knigin. You brought me into the middle school basketball team, and it gives me the chance to know and hangout with my peers. I know I ditch practices a lot, both basketball and tennis, but thank you for trusting me and giving me the chance to join the teams.

8th grade year was the year when Ms. K introduced me photography, and that become my art courses until now. I realize that shooting photos is not only a subject, but a life-time habit. I know I’ve been trying to get out from your class at the end of every year, and I always come back at the beginning of every year. Thank you Ms. K for always welcome me to your class.

I’ve been moving around in the first two years, and I was lucky enough to move into my “home” in my ninth grade year, having Dion as my mom, Eric as my dad, and Virginia as my grandma. We’ve been through a lot, good time and hard times. We moved together, and I have never thought about leaving. Grandma, I don’t know if you know that I eat out mostly every day before I moved in. After I move in I probably only eat out twice a week. Thank for coking me the best food and taking care of me. Dion, I know I have never called you mom, but you are just like my mom in my heart, there’s no difference. I will be around next year, so you guys will still see me in and out of the house.

10th grade year I took Dr. T chemistry class. It was the best science class, we had a lot of fun as well as learning a lot of knowledge. The second year, AP chemistry, was so hard, and the result was not expected. But Dr.T, It was my pleasure to have you as my teacher and be in your class for two years.

11th grade. I still don’t know how did I survive from AP lit Mr. Holloway. I have never seen so much reading before I take the class. I was struggling, but you help me improve my reading and writing skill a lot. Thank you for being the best English teacher.

My senior year has been a great year so far because I am lucky to have a great advisor. Mr. Flamini, I feel comfortable talking to you about everything, and thank you for being so helpful that I could ask you question all the time. It’s been a great year and let’s enjoy the last month. Mr. Ito, thank you for making Human geo so interesting, sorry that I fall asleep sometimes, I still enjoy the class very much.

Shout out to my friends. As some of you may know that I started going to boarding school since elementary school, and I came here for middle school and high school. I was never home, but you guys around I’m home.