Jonathan Reskusic Jr.

Graduation and finish lines…some of us think they go hand in hand, that once we’ve graduated we’ve reached the finish line and our school days are over…its actually just the beginning…each of us is unique, each of us is different, each of us have a path in life and each of our finish lines will all be different. And just like each of our paths will be different how and when we arrive will be different too. For some of us are ready and set to take on the world, graduate from HS and move across the United States and begin our lives in college. Leave our happy homes to begin our new adventure… As amazing as this sounds for some of us we just haven’t arrived yet…we are still growing, maturing and learning and believe me when I say we want to get there too but we just aren’t there yet. And there’s nothing wrong with that…We can’t all arrive at the finish line at the same time, we have to take our time, mature and find our path…if we rush this process we will only fail, fall off the path and become lost.

I came to Renaissance in 7th grade because I am one of those that needs more time, and the school I was at couldn’t offer me more. I came to this school with a mindset that I was going to graduate and go to a college outside California . However, I needed more time with learning, more time with friends, more time understanding how I learn and what was the best way for me. The support I received here at this school from my teachers was amazing. For the first time, my teachers understood me, understood how I learned and listened when I was struggling. I am sure each of us have our own unique and special memories and bonds with the teachers here that have touched our souls. Their dedication to our education is priceless. I always thought I’d graduate High School and go directly to college like most of you. I maintained a high GPA throughout high school. However, somewhere along the way my path changed a bit. I realized I wasn’t ready for college yet, I still needed more time, I still needed to mature and make sure I have all of the tools needed to be successful…and that’s OK. We all have a different path, yet we all want the same thing. My path may not be the same as yours and it may not be the popular route to take but I know that I will get there. At some point, I will graduate college and I will cross that finish line.