Scott Myers

Salutations. My name is Scott Myers, and I love to smoke. Don’t worry. I smoke meat, not weed. When people talk about “smoking the good stuff”, most people think that they are talking about marijuana. However, my mind immediately goes towards a smoked new york steak. That is the real good stuff. I believe meat smoking is an art and it also requires experimentation. I have experimented in smoking different foods such as goldfish, top ramen and even a cake. I’m telling you once you have smoked top ramen, you will never want to go back to that stove cooked top ramen. Smoked brisket. It is truly an art. Smoked brisket tastes really good if done properly. I’ve smoked a brisket for 12 hours. It is all about timing. You can say the same for every food, but I think it is more delicate with a brisket. Too little time, and it is raw. Too much time and it’s overcooked. You have to get it just right. I think it comes down to patience and discipline. If you are impatient and take it off early, its raw. If you aren’t disciplined enough to monitor it, it becomes over cooked. Fail at either one of these and you have unhappy and hungry people waiting to eat, even if you are the only one eating it. I feel as if this lesson can be applied to different aspects of life. The word opportunity. It is defined as a good chance for advancement or progress. There are opportunities everywhere. They are all about timing. The stock market for example, if you buy a stock too early, it might go down and you would lose money. If you sell a stock too early, you won’t make as much profit. If you were to be patient and disciplined enough to buy the stock at the right time and sell it at the right time, you will seize the opportunity to maximize your profit. That is just one example. The takeaway from this is, whatever you do in your life, from smoking meat to investing in the stock market, stay disciplined, have patience, and take advantage of opportunities to maximize your success.