Upper School Visual Arts

The upper school arts curriculum provides opportunity for students to explore various art disciplines. Starting in the 9th grade, students choose their elective courses from design for publications, mixed media, photography, yearbook, design, and the visual art offerings. Drawing and painting students gain mastery and further refine their artistic vision as they explore a variety of techniques, media, genre, and subject matter. 

Advanced Arts Program

A number of more advanced art classes are available such as the Mixed-Media class in which students explore, experiment, create, combine, and manipulate various media and techniques as they develop their own personal style. One signature project involves painting in the style of famous artists on California Pizza Kitchen boxes, and culminates with a show at the local pizza restaurant.

Studio art is an advanced class for the highly motivated art student. AP Drawing and AP2D Design are the most advanced art offerings, with opportunities for AP art students to create the portfolio required to receive Advanced Placement credit.

All art students participate in art field trips to our outstanding local museums, galleries, art openings and attend special events and workshops presented by guest artists.

CPK Night 2014

Our Spring Arts Exhibition

The arts program culminates with an all school arts exhibition in the spring (usually near the end of April). All students are involved and are able to experience the opening and setting up of a show. Performing art students sing and play piano and other instruments during the opening reception. The Environmental Arts students provide the freshly cut flower arrangements. The upper school art students design the invitation, set up the show (including putting up and taking down the works), photographing and critiquing the exhibition. It is an instructive experience for the students, parents and guests, and a time for us to all enjoy our creative spirits.

Arts at RHP

Rolling Hills Preparatory School's art classes are designed to be part of a broad visual art experience that begins in the middle school and continues through to upper school and AP art classes. RHP is renowned for its significant commitment to a strong arts education. All arts classes meet with the same frequency as the other academic classes ensuring that the classes form a vital part of the curriculum.

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