Art in the Garden

6th Grade
Students will understand the basic concepts of how to plant and take care of edible and non-edible plants. They will also learn the fundamentals of cooking in the kitchen. During the class we will also cover basic elements of art.

7th Grade
Students will learn about garden design and create a landscape design project using the elements of art they learned about in the 6th grade. In the outdoor kitchen the students will cook seasonal dishes and use ingredients from the garden.

8th Grade
Students will learn and execute advanced garden skills, including propagation, grafting, and companion planting. As a class we will design and plant the garden beds. In the outdoor kitchen the students will cook seasonal dishes and use ingredients from the garden.

Garden to Table Club

The Garden to Table club meets every Thursday and is open to both middle and upper school students. Each week a student plans a recipe that we make at lunch in the kitchen. The student can use ingredients from the garden and/or bring in their own ingredients. The recipes must be healthy and easy to make. By the end of the year each student will have experienced over 20 different healthy recipes.

Service Learning in the Garden

The students can come during X and Y blocks to earn Service Learning hours. We will work in the garden, nature walk, and greenhouse.

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Renaissance, our sister school, believes that bright students who learn differently can rise to great heights when they become empowered and confident. Visit the Renaissance website.