Horticultural Arts

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RHP's Environmental Arts program taps into the artist in every student by designing wonderful gardens using environmentally sound horticultural practices and new and innovative planting methods.

According to professional landscape architect Miriam Rainville, "It is impressive how RHP has taken green practices and incorporated them into student life. These graduates will go on to definitely give more than lip service to green practices so desperately needed."

Horticultural arts features study of garden design principles, creation of posters on topics in agriculture and environmental history and issues, and doing organic gardening with a "dirt under the fingernails" approach that calls for hands-on maintenance of the garden on the lower campus. Activities include:

  • • landscape design and plant selection 
  • • calculation of space and materials needs 
  • • maintaining a compost bin 
  • • planting seasonal vegetables and fruits 
  • • harvesting a crop 
  • • designing seed packages

Environmental arts includes all of the activities of horticultural arts while taking green art a step further by incorporating math, history, science, and business into this course. RHP's goal is eventually to establish its own farmers' market.