International Program

As you and your family make plans to study in the US, we'd like to make you aware of the specialized admission process needed for International Students.


Requesting Information

Thank you for your interest in Rolling Hills Prep School. Please use our inquiry form or email our staff directly to request information.

Application for Admission

You will be prompted to create an online account and complete the online application together as a family. The application will include a Candidate (Student) questionnaire and a Parent Questionnaire. We enroll families and the parent statements are very important to our process. We understand that the whole family may not be fully fluent in English – please complete all portions to the best of your ability.

Once the online application is submitted, there are additional supplemental documents required for each student, as detailed below.

Official Transcripts

We require official transcripts from the past three years of schooling. The transcripts must be translated and have the appropriate dates, stamps and credentials. If the student has studied in the US previously, transcripts must be provided from the US school as well. 

Teacher Recommendations

Print and submit the teacher recommendation forms for English and Math to the appropriate teachers. The recommendation must come from the student’s current teacher. The form must be completed in English, or translated. Tutors, family friends and other relatives should not fill out these forms – they are for teachers only. 

Please ask teachers to submit these forms directly by email to Shannon Kitani, Admissions Associate –

Personal Recommendation

Please print and submit the Personal Reference form to an appropriate reference. References can be a teacher, mentor, coach, tutor, or other adult who can speak to the student’s character, strengths, and weaknesses, but should not be a family relative.

International Testing

Upper School Applicants
All international students applying for admission to grades 9-12 must take the TOEFL iBT exam to be considered for admission. The TOEFL iBT recommended scores for Rolling Hills Preparatory School are listed below. This test is widely available internationally, but for more information or to register for the exam, please visit the TOEFL website and use the RHP school code 322 when registering.
Grade Applying to TOEFL iBT 
11th 79 or above
10th 70 or above
9th 55 or above
Middle School Applicants
All international students applying for admission to grades 6-8 must take the TOEFL Jr exam to be considered for admission. Applicants to Grade 8 may take the TOEFL iBT instead of the TOEFL Jr if preferred by the family. The TOEFL Jr recommended scores for Rolling Hills Preparatory School are listed below. For more information or to register for the exam, please visit the TOEFL website and use the RHP school code of 322 when registering.
Grade Applying to TOEFL Jr. TOEFL iBT
8th 780 or above 50-55
7th 750 or above Not recommended
6th 750 or above Not recommended
Note for all grade level applicants: Students who do not meet our TOEFL recommended scores are still invited to apply to Rolling Hills Preparatory School, however, additional interviews and writing samples may be required.

Student and Parent Interviews

This is an extremely important part of the application. All applicants must be interviewed by an admission representative. Although we prefer to meet all applicants in person, skype interview will be arranged if the student or parent cannot travel to the US, In cases where the student will be living in the US with another family member/guardian/host family, we require they also visit the school and be interviewed as well. Please contact the admission office directly to make interview arrangements.

Tuition Payment

When a student is accepted, an acceptance letter and enrollment contract will be sent by mail or email. If the student decides to enroll, a 10% tuition deposit is required. This can be wired from the home country or a US check can be written. All funds must be in US dollars ($). After the deposit is paid, tuition must be paid according to the school's tuition schedule. If the tuition is not paid in accordance with the school's schedule, the I-20 will be terminated.

I-20 Form

Download the 1-20 Questionnaire here. Once the tuition deposit is received, the office of admission will prepare and send the I-20 form by Federal Express to the student in his or her home country. Confirmation letters of admissions and copies of acceptance letter will also be included in this packet to make certain that travel to the US goes smoothly. It is the responsibility of the student and family to make arrangements for a visa interview in the home country. RHP does not know each government's regulations and does not assist in scheduling these appointments.

Once the student enrolls, RHP expects him or her to be a part of the complete academic and social curriculum. This includes participating in new student orientation, Upper or Middle School campus retreats and all outdoor education programs.

We also expect to be informed of any changes to living arrangements. If we find that a student's arrangements have changed or are hindering the student's academic progress, we will reevaluate the student's enrollment at RHP. The school must approve any changes in living arrangements in advance of such changes, and reserves the right to terminate enrollment and cancel an I-20 visa if a student changes living arrangements without informing the school in advance.


When an International student joins RHP we are happy to assist in finding a qualified, committed family in our local area for our International students to live with.  It’s our goal to place with similar values, interest and more importantly an understanding that both the student and host family operate as a family unit in many, if not all aspects of their lives inside and outside the classroom. Once we have successfully matched students and hosts, we provide ongoing guidance, cultural resources and local support to ensure that all parties have the tools and communication they need to succeed in in their American homestay and develop the deep and lasting relationships that give them this Global experience.

Contact Admissions

Carol Bernstein
Associate Head of School for Enrollment Management
(310) 791-1101 ext. 148
Shannon Kitani
Admissions Associate
(310) 791-1101 ext. 162

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