A school of remarkable character and attainment,* Rolling Hills Prep School stands out from other great local public and private schools in one vitally important way: We have designed and implemented a balanced educational formula that prepares students for entry to, and success at, selective colleges and universities without burning them out in the process. We are not just preparing our students to get into a name college, but we are providing them the tools to succeed and lead fulfilled lives in college and beyond. For us, that is what “Preparatory” means.

Not all our students go on to Ivy League schools or Stanford (some do). Not all our students get perfect SAT scores, PhDs from Harvard, or MBAs from Columbia (some do). And not all our students become university professors, doctors, successful entrepreneurs, public prosecutors, actors, photographers, rocket scientists, marine biologists, or missionaries (some do). Whatever their end goals educationally and professionally, we equip our graduates with the academic skills, attitudes, and resiliency to forge their chosen path with energy, focus, and enthusiasm. A strong, diverse educational community of 300 people, RHP’s size is ideal: large enough to offer an outstanding range of academics, arts, and athletics, yet small enough that every student is known personally. We enroll not just students, but families. And by joining your family with ours you will work alongside others who share common visions and values.

RHP’s mission to develop in our students disciplined minds, sound character, healthy bodies and creative spirits is as relevant today as it was when the school was founded. And we have recently concluded our analysis of what we believe makes a successful graduate in the mid-21st century. We articulate these qualities as the Five C’s: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Character, Collaboration, and Communication.

RHP students benefit from our high academic standards and very close and long-lasting connections with each other and with a group of talented, committed adults. We look forward to welcoming you to campus for a visit so you may see and feel for yourself the vibrancy that is an RHP education.

*quote from WASC/CAIS Accreditation Report