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The Husky Pledge

"In order to achieve success, I pledge to develop my disciplined mind, sound character, healthy body, and creative spirit. In all that I do, I will respect the learning process, I will respect all property, and I will respect myself and others."

Important Dates for 2018-2019

Summer Assignments

Over the course of summer, all students are required to complete summer reading assignments provided by the English department. Additionally, some students may be required to complete math assignments depending upon the class they are taking next year.

Summer Reading

Summer Math Assignments

The following are Summer math assignments for 2018. Each assignment is named based upon the course that students are going into. For example, a student going into Math 7 should do the Math 7 assignments. These assignments are only required for AP courses, Honors courses, or if a student is skipping a level. The Honors Algebra II, Honors PreCalculus, AP Calculus AB, and AP Calculus BC are all required for students going into those classes but recommended for students taking the non-honors/AP versions of those classes as well. 

Math 7 (optional for students going into the Math 7 course)


Pre-Algebra (optional for students going into Pre-Algebra, mandatory if you skipped Math 7 course)


Algebra I (optional for students going into Algebra I, mandatory if you skipped Pre-Algebra course)


Honors Algebra II (mandatory for students going into Honors Algebra II, optional for students going into Algebra II or Geometry courses)


Honors Pre-Calculus (mandatory for students going into Honors Pre-Calculus, optional for students going into Pre-Calculus or Math Analysis course)


AP Calculus AB (mandatory for students going into this course, optional for students going into Business Calculus)


AP Calculus BC (mandatory for students going into this course)


All the assignment files can be found below:

2018-2019 Summer AP Schedule

The following courses will meet the week of August 20 – August 24: Design for Publications, AP
2-D Design, AP Environmental Science, AP Calculus (AB & BC), AP U.S. History, AP Human
Geography, AP Psychology, AP Chemistry, AP Physics, AP Literature, and AP Language. Each
student enrolled in these courses must attend the mandatory sessions specific to his or her class.

Summer Service Learning Opportunities

Summer is the perfect time to take part in service learning or community service activities. Ms. Rubin has assembled a great list of pre-approved opportunities that are eligible for hours. Remember to log your hours using the log sheet below and submit them to Ms. Tadeo when school starts.