Welcome to the Mathematics Department at Rolling Hills Prep School. As math teachers, we feel that students must have a solid foundation in order to successfully progress. Therefore, we are happy to teach in a school with small classes, which allow us to individualize instruction and reach every one of our students. We believe that all students can learn math, and it is our sincere hope that all of our students leave the class with a love of learning and a strong sense of confidence. We know that not all students will become mathematicians but while they are in our classrooms, they will learn and use problem solving skills which will better them as people and as students. These skills will help them as life-long learners, especially in today's technological society.

Each teacher plans lessons that capture students regardless of their learning style. For those who are visual, we draw and explain our concepts on the white boards or on SMART boards, and use guided notes for students to transfer that information. For those students who are auditory learners, we explain a concept as many ways as needed to get the point across. Then, to reinforce the learning, the students practice kinesthetically at the many white boards all around the classrooms. It is our goal that no student leaves the room not understanding what was taught that day.

In order to prepare our students for 21st Century careers and to give them the skills needed in college, we incorporate many types of technology to support math learning. Whether using Geometer's Sketchpad to manipulate points, lines and angles to be able to visualize how the concepts work, or by using Wikis, blogs, and creating creative media projects on the computer to cement what was learned in the classroom, students tie math with the real world. Students are part of a Moodle (an online classroom) where "outside of the box" types of thinking can be done while at home and on their own time. Communicating about math and solving problems together, both inside and outside of the classroom, is the future - and at RHP it is also the present.

Each of the dedicated math teachers are passionate about their subjects and can be found "doing math problems" for fun during lunch with the kids outside. For those students serious about math, we offer both upper school (through the American Mathematics Competition) and middle school math competition teams (through Mathcounts). The leadership and camaraderie that is built between the students, while preparing for the competition, is fun to watch.

Whether learning basic math skills in the sixth grade, or taking Calculus AB/BC AP as a senior, the Mathematics Department at Rolling Hills Prep will place you where you will be the most successful, and will then guide you through your math career. Math is fun, exciting, and valuable, especially when you take it at RHP.

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Math Department Chair