Messages from the Directors of Middle and Upper Schools

From the Director of Upper School

We pride ourselves on working with families to develop your children’s Disciplined Minds, Sound Character, Healthy Bodies, and Creative Spirits. We are also keenly aware that our Upper School students will soon enter into a rapidly changing world and their ability to adapt to the demands of college and beyond will play a large role in determining their future success. To that end, you may notice we are constantly adapting our own curriculum to meet the needs of the 21st century. We do this by infusing our program with new ideas. More collaboration is occurring between classes and teachers are employing increasingly dynamic forms of assessment. However, we continue to develop excellent writers and creative critical thinkers while we build a foundation of skills to prepare your children for the exciting future unfolding before them. Accomplishing this often takes students beyond the traditional classroom. 

• In the academic program, students complete a rigorous series of course requirements that both deepens their knowledge and open their minds to new possibilities while preparing them for college. 

• Morning meetings, assemblies, clubs, special speakers, and the advisory program promote character values and awareness that encourage a sense of interdependence and community.

• The physical education and athletics programs provide students with opportunities to develop healthy bodies and an appreciation for teamwork, physical talent, and sportsmanship.

• The fine and performing arts program exposes students to avenues of self-expression and creativity.

• The Outdoor Education trips provide students with supervised physical challenges and varied living conditions (from tents to lodges) that challenge them to be responsible for themselves while also learning to work    with others in overcoming physical, mental, and emotional obstacles. 

• The Service Learning commitment challenges students to look beyond their own needs and wants and focus on others through involvement in both short-term and long-term service responsibilities.

• The Senior Internship program gives the seniors professional experience in specific areas of interest. 

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Director of Rolling Hills Prep Upper School 


From the Director of Middle School 

At RHP, we continue to pride ourselves on creating an environment where students are pushed to reach their greatest potential while maintaining a balanced and fulfilled life. Through our academic program, students complete a rigorous series of course requirements that deepens their knowledge and expand their critical thinking skills to prepare them to achieve at their fullest potential at competitive colleges world wide. We work in partnership with parents to develop in our college-bound students Disciplined Minds, Sound Character, Healthy Bodies, and Creative Spirits. Achieving our mission requires learning experiences that go beyond the classroom.  We provide each child diverse educational opportunities that may take place during an advisory discussion, or through a Service Learning project, or on an Outdoor Education trip. Transformative experiences do not always happen within a classroom, and we are committed to educating your children through many avenues.

Heidi Morris
Director of Rolling Hills Prep Middle School