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In 2011, RHP and Renaissance opened the O'Flaherty Family Library, honoring Trustee Emerita Louise O'Flaherty for her capital gift of $1,425,000 and her long-time involvement in the success of the schools.

Louise O'Flaherty has served as a school trustee from 1995 to 2001 and continued to be a strength of guiding leadership. She is the author of numerous historical novels set in Southern California, with focus in the San Pedro area. As a writer she believes that "RHP offers an education that is second to none." Louise's grandsons, Mike Horn '98 and Tom Horn '05, are both RHP alumni, now successfully taking on challenges in business and oceanographic vessel recovery as adults.

The O'Flaherty Family Library is so named to honor the entire family: Louise, her long-time partner and RHP major gifts supporter, Gus Faust, and her late daughter Mary O'Flaherty Horn (mother of Mike and Tom). Before succumbing to the effects of ASL (aka Lou Gehrig's Disease), Mary was a talented doctor and professor of medicine. Louise wanted to honor her daughter's love of the arts and literature (that they shared) with a gift that would have lasting benefit. "It gives me immense pleasure to be able to contribute to the school's future in Mary's name. I hope my gift will encourage others to step forward and I want to be a part of it."

The development of the library project has truly been a community effort, engaging parent volunteers, students, Board members, alumni, and friends of the school from across the nation. A retiring professor Richard Peterson from a private college in Minneapolis is donating 4,000 works of English literature. Contractor Bruce Burrrell and has joined fellow RHP dad Mike Collins in constructing the library interiors which will reflect a California Arts and Crafts style. Renaissance mom Susan Matt has implemented a circulation management system. And it all started with Louise's vision and love of literature.