Clubs & Activities

Animal Club All School Supports animal-related charities
Anime Club Upper School Celebrates Japanese anime culture
Asian Club Upper School Plans events related to Asian culture
BSA (Black Students Association) Upper School Plans events related to Black culture
Chess Club All School Provides chess instruction and competition
Comedy Sportz Middle School Does comedy improvisation
Comparative Religions Club Upper School Discusses religion, plans events
Crown Jewels Middle School Creates award-winning literary magazine
Film Club All School Views and discusses films
Free Style Club All School Organizes biking events
Friendship Circle Upper School Organizes events for students with learning differences
Golf Club All School Plays golf on area courses
Gay Straight Alliance Upper School Fosters positive and healthy dialogue on campus
Harry Potter/Twilight Club All School Discusses the books and watches the movies
Husky Buddies Upper School Upper School mentor group
Investment Club Upper School Studies stock market
JSA (Junior Statesmen of America) Upper School Debates and explores political and social issues
Mathletes Upper School Competes in math competitions
Middle School Student Council Middle School Coordinates student activities and events
Model UN Upper School Award-winning team participates in regional program
NHS (National Honor Society) Upper School (by invitation) Organizes academic and service activities
Photo Club All School Photographs school events
Poetry Club Upper School Writes, studies, and reads poetry
Rotisserie Club All School Private fantasy baseball league
Tech Crew All School Assists with school productions
The Muse Upper School Award-winning Upper School literary magazine
Upper School Student Council Upper School Coordinates school activities and events